New Coloured - indoor taning lotions inspired by all shades of sun

The new face of Coloured – indoor tanning cosmetics in a refreshed edition

The Coloured collection, designed for lively lovers of golden bronze, has a brand-new look.

The Coloured collection, designed for lively lovers of golden bronze, has a brand-new look.

The line of tan-enhancing cosmetics is inspired by the sun in all its facets. We have upgraded the formulations of our lotions, so the new Coloured edition is more than just a prettier setting. Check out the article to see what we have in store for you.

Rediscover a bright collection with New Coloured

Could it be even better? We started the changes in the Coloured collection with a thorough reconstruction of the lotions you already know. So let’s see what is hidden under the slogan “New Coloured”:

The power of natural ingredients - improved compositions

We have redesigned the compositions of your favourite cosmetics. We concentrated on the effectiveness of all-natural  ingredients that promote tanning and nourish the skin.

Each Coloured product contains a carefully chosen combination of natural extracts, oils, and special formulations.

Everyone will find something they like among the cosmetics because each one, besides being golden brown, has an additional unique function.

Multiplicities - powerful cosmetics

We were also able to clarify the significance of the amount of Xs signifying multiplicity by revising the cosmetics’ individual compositions.

You will find it even simpler to select the ideal product for yourself thanks to the new power marks, which are consistent with the other 7suns series.

Focusing on tubes - a more effective packaging method

In the new Coloured, we focused on tubes! As a result, they take up very little space on a shelf in a tanning salon and, at the same time, are simply… more efficient. Thanks to the new packaging, you no longer have to worry that there will be leftover cosmetic residue on the bottom. Each of the products is also available in a disposable sachet.

…and these fragrances!

New cosmetic compositions attract attention with their effective actions. But not just that! Their creamy texture pleasantly wraps the skin, and an additional caress for the senses are juicy fragrances that not only eliminate the unwanted “smell after the solarium” but also simply delight with their compositions.

A gentle accelerator and a strong bronzer - meet our new products

However, these changes are not enough. The refreshed series also includes new products:

Pitch Black - discover the dark side of the force with the new bronzer

Thinking about the seekers of the strongest tones, we have created a new, ultra-dark instant bronzer, Pitch Black. The black tube is filled to the brim with strong bronzers for an immediate effect. Among them is exotic buriti oil-the richest in beta-carotene and vitamin A among all known oils! It is he who allows you to obtain the darkest shade of tan, which deepens over time thanks to the use of the MelanoBlend formula, stimulating the natural melanogenesis process.

The remaining ingredients, such as black currant seed oil or the ultra-moisturizing complex of rice amylopectin and coral algae, provide an anti-aging effect, proper hydration, and a colour improvement. Pitch Black is the power of carefully selected ingredients framed in a strong scent note, with a subtle hint of sweet vanilla.

Pitch Black - ultra-dark immediate bronzer

Like the rays of the morning sun - Sunny Tale tanning accelerator

Delicate and at the same time determined in action, Sunny Tale is an excellent cosmetic for both beginners and demanding tanning salon users. Its strength is the high content of the MelanoBend formula, which not only accelerates the tanning process but also supports skin pigmentation long after the session ends.


Accelerating tanning is not the only advantage of the new lotion from the Coloured series. It also includes:

  • enhancing collagen production, rich in antioxidants, moisturising and soothing rosehip oil,
  • guarana extract supporting the reduction of cellulite and protecting blood vessels,
  • anti-inflammatory hibiscus extract to support the proper condition of the skin. 


A perfect complement to the caring and protective effect is the scent of the lotion, lovingly enveloping the senses with a citrus-floral aroma.

Sunny Tale - moisturising tanning accelerator

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