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How to move to an exotic island… without leaving your city?

Winter months can be difficult for our well-being. Days are short, the sun hides behind the clouds, and vacations are usually still far, far away. Do you want to quickly improve your mood and regain energy? Turn your visit to the tanning studio into a mini-holiday on an exotic island.

Smell – the king of all the senses

Research confirms that scents are much more effective than images in evoking good memories. Smell is the only one of the five senses that stimulates the so-called emotional brain. The right scent will make us not only remember past holidays, but also bring back the emotions associated with them – bliss, relaxation and pure happiness.

Fruity, fresh, exotic, sweet, juicy – such aromas are a great choice if you miss summer. Just remember that our nose gets used to familiar smells – so it’s good to change from time to time.

Summer tan – even in wintertime

You’re not a fan of waiting for results? Would you like to feel like you’ve just spent the whole day at the beach? Choose Aloha Instant Bronzer. Caramel and beta-carotene will give you an instant, nutty tan.

Do you prefer to keep your finger on the pulse and build colour gradually? Do you prefer a deeper, more lasting effect that you can control? Paradiso delayed bronzer will be the best solution. In addition to DHA, it also contains DHA Booster – thanks to this, the effect is enhanced, and the specific DHA smell is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Bet on fruit extracts and natural oils

Take care of your body in a natural way by applying tanning lotions based on fruit extracts and oils. The skin will repay you with a healthy colour, greater elasticity and fairy-tale smoothness…

  • papaya extract

It contains strong antioxidants and accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, in effect, it reduces wrinkles.

  • hibiscus extract

It counteracts inflammatory processes.

  • pineapple extract

Rich in vitamin C. It contains large amounts of water-binding polysaccharides, helping to maintain proper hydration of the skin.

  • kukui oil

It is an oil from the nuts of the Moluccan tunga growing in Hawaii. Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids, it smoothes and soothes the skin.

  • coconut oil

Provides nourishment and regeneration of the skin

All these valuable ingredients can be found in the Aloha instant bronzer.

What else is worth knowing?

  • orange extract

It has antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. Strengthens and protects blood vessels.

  • mango extract

Intensely eliminates free radicals, and prevents photoageing.

  • avocado wax

It has an excellent ability to capture free radicals, which means a strong anti-ageing effect. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E and minerals (including silicon, which is crucial for skin health). Wax is a natural, more skin-friendly alternative to paraffin or petroleum jelly derivatives.

Such treasures are hidden in the Paradiso delayed bronzer.

Well… See you in paradise. 🙂

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