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The three brightest stars of the 2024 season – new products from the Golden Collection series

Modern active ingredients (ceramides, peptides and adaptogens). It is appealing to all the senses: from intriguing scents, through velvety textures, to eye-catching, exceptionally pleasant to-the-touch tubes. It is the attention to the smallest details that makes the new products from the Golden Collection series provide a first-class tanning experience!

The inspiration for creating this series was the anti-ageing trend. It is a holistic approach to the passage of time that emphasizes well-being and celebrating everyday life, at all ages. Skin care also plays an important role – deep nourishment, protection and a healthy glow.

Revitalizing, white delayed bronzer TAN THRILL

You will love it: if you are looking for the most advanced active ingredients that work on a deeper level and you like intense, beautiful scents.

Tan Thrill white delayed bronzer

Active ingredients known from luxury dermocosmetics are finally available in tanning salons!

  • The already famous Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng root) strengthens the skin, adds vitality and radiance. But this is just the beginning! It also increases the dynamics of skin cells exposed to stressful factors.
  • Another adaptogen, Reishi mushroom (called the “divine mushroom of immortality”), comes from traditional Chinese medicine. It is known for its anti-ageing, antioxidant and calming properties.
  • Peptides provide spectacular results in well-ageing activities, including: by increasing the production of collagen and elastin (skin firming), improving water binding in the dermis (moisturizing) and reducing melanin synthesis (lightening discolourations).
  • Tiger grass extract. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and has antioxidant properties.
  • With optimum DHA content.

Nourishing, instant bronzing pudding BRONZE DELIGHT

You’ll like it: if you love immediate effects, non-obvious scents and perfectly smooth skin

bronze delight more

Tempting pudding

Lighter than body butter, but more nourishing than regular lotion. Its application is pure pleasure, turning routine into a luxurious ritual. It absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy layer. The skin becomes velvety to the touch and deeply nourished. Get ready for an exceptionally sensual experience.

Luxurious care

Bronze Delight not only masterfully cares for the skin, but also cares for the environment.

  • Enriched with Choco Dust – a natural extract from cocoa bean shells, obtained using the upcycling method, which ensures responsible use of resources.
  • Ceramides, called “intercellular cement”, rebuild the natural protective barrier of the skin. Effect: healthy appearance and resistance to external factors.
  • The unique blend of cocoa and coconut butter intensively moisturizes and nourishes, leaving the skin smooth and with a beautiful, uniform colour. The content of almond oil, rich in vitamins E, D and A, provides additional protection against free radicals and maintains optimal hydration.

Deeply moisturizing, gelly accelerate PURE CHARM

It will become a favourite of all who: do not like the feeling that “something” is on their skin and fans of unisex, refreshing fragrances.

pure charm more

Refreshing, gel formula

The light, water-based gel is absorbed quickly, without the risk of a greasy film. The intense, intriguing scent wins the hearts of customers of both sexes. This is the perfect unisex cosmetic.

A wave of hydration & tan

  • D3 will protect the skin against possible damage caused by UV radiation.
  • Hemp oil with CBD is an expert in moisturizing, smoothing and nourishing the skin. An excellent source of tocopherols and carotenoid, responsible for antioxidant properties and skin pigmentation.
  • Green caviar is a unique, valuable type of algae, composed of shiny micro-pearls. It attracts and binds water like a sponge. Thanks to this, it maintains optimal skin hydration for a record-long time. It is source of polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins A and E.

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