We have 4 unique series of tanning cosmetics.
Choose the one that defines you.

7suns Golden Collection series picture


For the go-getters

Golden Collection series icon
A perfect tan is just like a well chosen outfit, reach for it as you would your outfit in your wardrobe before going out.


For the free spirits

COLOURED series icon

The various shades of the sun – from sunset to sundown, was the inspiration to bring out the essence of the most beautiful moments of the day.

7suns COLOURED series picture
7suns Special Line series picture

Special Line

For the perfectionist

Special Line series icon
How would tanning cosmetics look if you joined the forces of our best beauty and tanning specialists?


For the determined​

CODE series icon
In the dark tubes you will find a great bronzer and tanning accelerator, both of which have very masculine, aromatic fragrances.
7suns CODE series picture