CODE Bronzer

Dark bronzer for men

Strong bronzer for men with medium-dark and dark skin tone.

Deep brown colour, perfect long-lasting effect.

CODE Bronzer tube and sachet
Effect after application:
Men hate compromises and expect spectacular effects “here and now”. CODE Bronzer will guarantee a deep immediate tan, provide a potent dose of conditioning ingredients and ensure a deeply relaxing sensation.

It’s best to apply the lotion right before a tanning session.

The first effects will be visible right after tanning; however, the final results will be visible after 24 hours.
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spicy ecstasy
Lotion colour:
Lotion colour
elegant brown
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15 ml / 250 ml


7suns cosmetics 7suns cosmetics
The effects shown may vary depending on the type of skin, as well as the time and frequency of tanning.
A dark bronzer for men with medium-dark and dark skin tone. The lotion is absorbed into the skin quickly, moisturises and refreshes the skin. The cosmetic does not stain clothes, provides an even tan and contains a formula that protects the colour of tattoos.
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for the solarium and the beach

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gradual bronzers

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immediate bronzer

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anti-aging effect

The secret men's code:

CODE Bronzer cosmetic tube

A unique blend of the darkest bronzers and anti-aging ingredients.

Delayed Bronzers Formula
Erythrulose + DHA, giving the skin an even, deep tan.
Sea Buckthorn
Delays the ageing process, supports skin regeneration, improves its colour.

Other ingredients:

Responsible for melanogenesis activation in skin.
Gives the skin a gold brown tan shade.
Tones, smoothes and nourishes the skin.
Reduces excess moisture.
Perfectly moisturizes and regenertesthe skin.
Restores healthy glow to the skin.
A mixture of highly moisturizing ingredients that protect against excessive water loss in the skin.
SkinFirming Formula – Contributes to maintaining a healthy skin appearance by improving its elasticity.

Immediate Bronzers Formula – selected ingredients of natural origin which help you get a brown tan right after a tanning session in the solarium.

TattooSaver Formula – Protects the colour and shine of tattoos.


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