About us

Let me tell you a secret… I often use my favourite 7suns cosmetics also outside the solarium. Just open Tan Delight and you will immediately feel the scent of tropical freshness. Apply Prom Queen onto your skin and you will mistake it for perfume…

Irrespective of which cosmetic you take with you when sunbathing or at the solarium, your tan will be as it should be – natural, even and long-lasting.
7suns ambasador


Adrianna, 7suns Ambassador

Let's be real...

Let’s be real – the market of tanning products has not offered many novelties for years… Motley packaging, bold slogans, repetitive scents. Times are changing, global trends are evolving and your expectations are increasing. Aware of this, we wish to meet modern needs by promoting an innovative approach in the industry.

Therefore, 7suns products are works of cosmetic art in stylish packaging, which are worth selecting mainly due to our own formulas guaranteeing a perfect tan.

There are 19 products, which is exactly as many as necessary. Not too many, not too few, so that you can easily find a cosmetic that is perfect for you.

Now, once you have learned our secrets, select a line which suits you best…