zatrzymaj lato z kosmetykami naturalnymi

Make your holiday last longer – 97organic natural cosmetics series

Autumn is getting closer and closer, and many of us wonder how to extend our holiday carefree. The easiest way to keep the summer vibe is to get a great tan, which stays perfectly despite the rainy weather. In autumn and winter, you can still enjoy the beautiful and natural brown. How is this possible? See for yourself!

Our way to extend your holiday? Natural tan!

For a long time, we’ve been looking for a way to keep the holiday joy, remaining as close to nature as possible. One of the proven methods is visiting the salon while using well-chosen cosmetics that will help achieve and maintain a deep tan, such as a tanning accelerator. It is worth paying attention to the content of ingredients of natural origin, thanks to which the tan will be exactly like after a holiday in the warm embrace of nature.

However, even cosmetics alone can work wonders! For example, regular use of an appropriate after tan lotion may prolong the pigmentation process by more or less replacing an extra tanning session. Looking for an immediate effect, we can reach for a bronzer that draws from nature, which will provide a healthy golden colour, deepening over time.

97organic - opalanie w zgodzie z naturą

97organic - tanning in harmony with nature

The new 97organic series of cosmetics is our way to extend your holiday. The series consists of three unique products – accelerator, bronzer and after tan lotion. Their secret lies primarily in carefully selected ingredients, with 97% coming from natural sources. That’s the first, so natural, line of indoor tanning lotions.

Ingredients derived directly from nature’s gifts will envelop the body, allowing not only to accelerate the tanning process but also to achieve an even more intense bronze that will last longer. In addition, each of the lotions has specific caring or protective properties that will help the skin maintain a healthy glow. So let’s take a closer look at each of the three natural cosmetics.

97organic przyspieszacz opalania

Tanning accelerator - even better effect

The green tube of the tanning accelerator is inspired by a tropical forest. Exotic greenery, the singing of colourful birds, the sun filtering through the treetops and the scent of fruit floating in the air. These are the associations the natural tanning accelerator evokes. The MelanoBlend formula contained in it, intensively stimulates the natural process of melanogenesis, i.e. skin pigmentation. Green caviar, a unique type of algae in the form of microcapsules, deeply moisturises the skin, attracting and binding water like a sponge. The remarkable flexibility and anti-ageing effect are due to the use of Asian pennywort extract. This inconspicuous plant has great power – it can stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthen blood vessels and prevent wrinkles. Thanks to the avocado oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, the skin will be strongly nourished and smooth.

The 97organic tanning accelerator is a touch of the tropics on the skin, and the effect of its action will be visible not only immediately after the tanning session – the golden tan deepens for several hours after its completion

97organic bronzer

Advanced bronzer - golden glow and skin protection

To all looking for an immediate tan, we dedicate 97organic bronzer, inspired by the gifts of the soil. The shimmering brown tube was filled with a delicate lotion with a sweet scent of a holiday cocktail. The combination of carrot and henna extracts, as well as caramel, provide both immediate and delayed skin pigmentation. Already a few moments after applying the lotion – the skin becomes coloured with the sun, and the effect deepens over time. 

But it is not everything! The secret of beautiful skin is also the proper protection of it against the harmful effects of smog – especially severe in autumn and winter. That is why we have enriched our bronzer with the Anti-Pollution complex with ginseng, which effectively blocks smog particles, preventing heavy metals, dust and smoke from negatively affecting the condition of the skin. Cocoa butter provides regeneration, and an additional anti-ageing effect is due to almond oil. Bronzer 97organic is a real extension of vacation at your fingertips.

97organic after tan

After Tan - like an additional tanning session

Directly from the ocean depths resounding with the sound of the waves – a total novelty in the portfolio of the 7suns brand – after-tan lotion is a patterned blue tube full of sea treasures. Pearl extract perfectly firms, regenerates and rejuvenates. Liposomal hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin, causing an immediate anti-wrinkle effect. The microcapsules literally “push” wrinkles out, leaving the skin supple and moisturized. The anti-ageing effect and hydration are also supported by golden algae extract, which protects the DNA of cells. 

Thanks to appropriately composed ingredients, applying the lotion will be like an additional tanning session. The MelanoBlend formula stimulating natural pigmentation will allow the skin to gradually acquire a beautiful colour for a long time after the end of the tanning session.

Particular protection against photoaging

Great hydration, firming and extending the tanning process are still not everything! Among the ingredients of natural origin, there is also buddleja extract, which protects against photoaging. The operation of this unusual plant reduces the effects of IR and blue radiation, also emitted by computer screens or smartphones. The lotion protects your skin perfectly not only after a tanning session but also during the evening, all the way through a series or movie binge! You can incorporate it into your evening ritual by wrapping your skin in a nourishing protective layer with a summer peach scent. 

The 97organic series has recently launched – ask about it in your favourite salon and extend your holiday carefree with cosmetics composed in harmony with nature.

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