Power on the tanning lotions — what is X, and how to read it?

Find out more about tanning products and choose them consciously! Discover the secrets of multiplicity on tanning lotions...

BRONZER 20X, 200X, 2000X or maybe 200XXX?

Multiplicity is simply a FORCE OF ACTION. Thanks to the manufacturer’s declaration, we can guess whether the product has an intense, more delicate, or maybe medium-strength effect. Therefore, the bronzer X of manufacturer A with 25X will show less intense action than the bronzer Y of manufacturer A with 100X. It is worth mentioning at this point that most customers simply look for the strongest products, so they choose the «highest number».

Multiples in other products

Multiplicity on Coloured tanning lotions for indoor tanning
The multiplicity in the Coloured series starts from 30X and ends at 150X

Since you already know that multiplicity is the force of action representing the multiplication of effects, it should not surprise you that these values ​​can also appear in accelerators. This is exactly the tactic we adopted in our products. Thanks to this, the matter is clear — a 30X product will never exhibit more intense activity than a 300X product. Simple.

Do not compare

The situation is a bit different when we want to compare the power of products from different manufacturers. This is where the trouble starts. There has never been a universal multiplicity scale. Therefore, a 200X bronzer from one manufacturer may show a more intense performance than a 400X bronzer from another manufacturer. Therefore, do not be misled and remember that multiplicities are a declared value, therefore completely subjective and does not even have to be the same for all series in a given brand.

Check on an example

We will try to explain the situation with multiplicities using our products as an example. The COLOURED range begins with Bloom of Youth 30X tanning accelerator and ends with Paradiso — 150X white bronzer. Do you know which product will work faster and stronger? Hint: the one with the flamingo on the bottle.

The case is similar for the Golden Collection series — here the Tan Delight tanning accelerator shows the most gentle action while the American Glamour bronzer and the white Ruby Red tingle are the strongest. 100X versus 300X — that’s a big difference, right?

In the next post, we will introduce you to the subject of different types of tanning products. Stay tuned!

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