Cappuccino Legs

Advanced dark bronzer for legs

Instant brown, ultrahydration and velvety smoothness for longer ... in one tube.

"Best. Legs. Ever."

Effect after application:
Tanned like never before, ultra-moisturised, radiant and pleasantly smooth… Cappuccino Legs is a recipe for “pampered” legs in every possible way.

The formula of the balm combines ingredients that intensely accelerate tanning as well as immediate and delayed bronzers. This is a guarantee of a deep, noble brown. If your legs have been your “problematic place” to tan so far – there is a solution!

Sports shorts, a summer skirt or an evening dress? You will feel and look DIVINE in every version…
morning coffee & vanilla
Lotion colour:
Lotion colour
deep brown
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150 ml / 15 ml


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The effects shown may vary depending on the type of skin, as well as the time and frequency of tanning.
Light brown and even skin tone – such effects can be seen within seconds after applying the balm. Its consistency is exceptionally rich and nutritious – thanks to its high content of nurturing natural oils. Dry skin experiences instant relief, becomes deeply moisturised and soothed … The legs become silky smooth to the touch and … stay like this for longer – thanks to the ingredients that delay the growth of unwanted hair.
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skin nourishment

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instant bronzer

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solarium and beach

The secret of a slim tube:

The formula is based on concentrated bronzing ingredients that accelerate tanning and intensely moisturise.

Ultra-moisturising complex of Rice Amylopectin and Coralline Algae
provides immediate relief to dry skin, provides long-lasting moisturising and protective effect (up to 120 hours of potency!)
Wax-myrtle Leaves and Flowers Extract
rich in dihydromyricetin, which inhibits and delays the growth of unwanted hair.

Other ingredients:

selected ingredients of natural origin (caramel and carrot oil rich in beta-carotene) help to achieve a brown tan right after a session in a solarium.
thanks to the high content of antioxidants, it delays the aging process of the skin, perfectly regenerates and moisturises dry skin.
responsible for the active transport of ingredients deep into the skin and for the perfect spreading of the cosmetic and a silky finish on the skin.
carefully selected natural oils (corn oil, musk rose oil, sunflower oil, rosemary extract, passion fruit oil), whose task is to care for the skin, deeply nourish it and give it a healthy glow.
strongly regenerates the skin, rebuilds the lipid layer and prevents the transepidermal water loss.
the wealth of carotenoids nourishes and hydrates the skin.
based on DHA. Effect is visible several/a dozen or so hours after a tanning session & deepen over time.


Product info



After Tan

Velvet lotion enhancing the tan and regenerating the skin.
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Advanced Accelerator

Advanced tanning accelerator with a strong moisturising effect. >97% of ingredients of natural origin.

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Highly bronzing instant lotion with an anti-pollution effect. > 97% ingredients of natural origin.


Delicate accelerator deeply moisturising skin.