Zásady ochrany osobných údajov 7 Suns

Privacy Policy

Due to General Data Protection Regulation coming into life as well as obligations stemming out of it, we kindly inform our Clients and Partners about processing their personal data and rules abiding this process.

Controller of your personal data

The Controller of Your personal data is: Nitora Sp. z. o.o. Our company owns the 7suns  brand and all rights connected to it. We are a company registered in Polish commercial register of the National Court Register under number: 0000828845. Our VAT number is: PL5882456531.

How to contact us?

by e-mail: info@7sunscosmetics.com

What personal data do we process?

Contacting with us regarding 7suns Cosmetics products requires processing of personal data such as: name, email and telephone number.

Why do we use personal data?

Depending on whom we work with, we might use personal data. When it comes to big companies, such data is used on a lesser scale. We gather more personal data when working with a smaller company of a specific person. Personal data, that we use, is necessary in order to inform our Clients and Partners about our products and special offers. We process personal data because it is needed in order to:

  1. inform Clients/Partners and potential Clients/Partners about 7suns Cosmetics products and special offers;
  2. process queries/questions about our products/offers addressed towards us;
  3. take part in contests and establish the winners;
  4. provide services electronically;
  5. set up and manage an account or accounts, as well as to maintain an account, perform transactions and solve technical issues;
  6. perform statistical analysis;
  7. archive data;


Is providing the personal data obligatory?

Providing us with personal data is not obligatory, however lack of approval to process personal data might provide performing our services impossible (for example: we cannot inform You about special prices for specific products if You don’t allow us to contact You by e-mail or telephone).

Providing the personal data

We do not sell or provide third companies with personal data of our Clients or Contractors. Personal data will be processed by our company and we will be the sole Controller. On the basis of the current legal framework, we can provide the data to third parties processing the personal data on our behalf (for example: a courier company, legal advisor, accountant). Our obligation to provide personal data occurs when authorities, who have sufficient legal grounds, ask for it (for example: Police).

Legal grounds

We process the personal data only if we have legal grounds to do so. Such legal grounds might provide, for example, the need to perform a contract (selling goods, providing services). Processing data on marketing purpose (mailing, newsletter) or providing an optimal offer (profiling) requires a separate approval. We contact our Clients or Partners on marketing purposes only if We have their approval.

Right to withdraw, to be forgotten, to modify data, issue a claim

We do not hold personal data without the subjects approval. We process the data until the approval Was withheld. Such an approval might be rescinded at any time. Rescinding the approval requires contacting us, for example, by clicking a specific link or writing an e-mail.

A person, whom data we process, has the right to access the data, modify it, erase it or limit the processing, as well as to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority regarding failure to comply with rules arising from GDPR.