• Hemp Harmony


    (with a hint of bronzers)


    For perfect harmony of mind, body and soul…

    Hemp Harmony with a hint of bronzers is a product designed especially for those who want to extend maximum durability and deepen the tan colour. Thanks to the Delayed Bronzers complex lotion emphasize already achieved skin tone. It is also ideal for daily skin care as it is enriched with Skin Firming Complex and natural oils, that deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, leaving it silky smooth and radiant.

    Lotion can be used for all skin types.

    After Tan
    Product type Tan extender, extreme moisturizer and care lotion
    Fragrance Strawberry Banana
    Size 236 ml
    Bronzing level none, low, medium, high, very high, extreme
    Tingle level none, low, medium, high, very high, extreme


Hemp Seed Oil (THC Free)

(THC-Free) – natural substance of high nourishing capabilities and strong rejuvenating action on the skin cells level. Cleanses, nourishes and brings energy to the cells, improving their water balance, exfoliating dead cells and stimulating healthy cell proliferation.

Soft Silicones Complex

Ensures silky, smooth and soft skin and, at the same time, even distribution of the cosmetic on skin. It does not block skin’s “breathing” function and protects it against external factors and loss of moisture.

Skin Firming complex

Firming and sliming complex. It consists of ingredients that soften skin and it helps to provide other ingredients to deeper parts of skin. It is based on coenzyme A, caffeine and an extract from Bupleurum Falcatum – Chinese plant that stimulates the process of lipolysis, and eliminates fat from tissue under skin which provides slim and firm effect.

Delayed Bronzers Complex

A blend of DHA and erythrulose provides a natural and beautiful bronze after just 2-4 hours of application. A special combination of ingredients provides a uniform tan and exceptional longevity.

• natural botanical ingredients

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