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    …if you do not accept compromises – only the highest quality and superb bronze

    A luxurious and nourishing lotion designed for indoor tanning. Includes 15x Beauty Elite Bronzers formula that will give your skin a deep and beautiful color after the first tanning session, without fear of any discoloration. Extremely powerful antioxidants with Blueberries & Dark Chocolate fight free radicals, stabilize the process of collagen synthesis and prevent its degeneration. This, combined with a complex of minerals, ensures impeccable color and excellent skin condition.

    Can be used for any complexion. Also recommended for sensitive skin thanks to its anti-allergic properties.

    Beauty of the World
    Product type Tan accelerator, Immediate Bronzer
    Fragrance Mango & Tahitian Palm Milk
    Size 200 ml / 15 ml
    Bronzing level none ,low, medium, high, very high, extreme
    Tingle level none, low, medium, high, very high, extreme



Beauty Elite Bronzers

An exceptional secret of 7suns – a luxurious, lightweight blend of natural tanning substances of beauty elite bronzers. Gives the skin a balanced, deep and natural tan that you’ve always dreamed of. Does not leave streaks and spots.

Extra Silicones Complex

A rich blend of several different silicones is another hallmark series of 7suns Beauty of the World. It provides soft and silky-smooth skin while facilitating the even distribution of cosmetics on the skin. Allows the skin to breathe and provides protection against external influences and moisture loss.

BioTan Enhancing Formula

A formula based on a natural extract of citrus fruits and a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Created in order to obtain a deep brown tan in the least amount of time possible. Allows for a longer-lasting tan, helps produce melanin and stimulates the skin’s natural ability to tan while energizing it.

Mineral Complex

 Increases moisture and ensures the healthy growth of cells. Gives the skin elasticity and flexibility, accelerates the healing process, has potent anti-aging properties and oxygenates the skin. It regulates energy metabolism in skin cells, regulates the activity of muscles and nerves, and is anti-allergic while helping to prevent stress. These are just some of the properties of these valuable components.

Blueberries & Dark Chocolate

This complex is based on blueberry and cocoa extracts – rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Deeply moisturizing and revitalizing, it smoothes and protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals (an effective and powerful antioxidant). Promotes healing of damaged skin.

Important ingredients of 7suns cosmetics – Beauty Of The World

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