Tan Revolution



  • Revolution – it`s a key word which motivated us to create a new series of unique and unconventional tanning lotions.

    For years we are convincing that tan looks good on healthy skin and only then it`s truly eye-catching. That is why we are introducing lotions which will not only take care of your tan and prolong it`s life, but also about hydration and nutrition of your skin.

    We focused on the natural ingredients – botanical extracts and oils. Many people forget about beneficial properties of coconut or hemp oil, green tea extracts etc. In our new lotions we are exploiting potential of well-known natural ingredients, which are often simply underestimated. They are also better tolerated by the skin and less frequently cause irritations or allergy reactions.

    Tan Revolution cosmetics are designed to not only give the skin a golden color, but to take care of her apperance and good condition.

    We hope that you will love them!

Tan Revolution cosmetics: