Special Line

Our special line includes two products:
• tanning balm for men – Immunity
• daily facial skin care lotion – Shine


    is created especially for men. Balm absorbs quickly leaving the skin with seductive, musky smell. As well as our other lotions Immunity has also been enriched in Extra Silicones Complex, which helps to easily apply it on the skin, tan accelerating formula BioTan, additional bronzing complex Deep Bronzers, nourishing CoQ10 complex and Hemp Seed Oil.



    is an intensive and moisturizing sunscreen and daily facial skin care lotion. It helps to reduce fine wrinkles, restores proper skin elasticity and firmness.

    Secret blend of natural ingredients: Argan Oil, Acai Berry Extract, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Hemp Seed and Sunflower Oils, revives your skin, fights signs of ageing, provides protection against free radicals and improves skin condition and appearance in short time.

    Youthful Shine is a real bomb of fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants and vitamin E – all of this to make your skin look young, fresh and radiant.

Special Line cosmetics: