How to choose the most suitable cosmetic for me?

Like any other cosmetics, tanning lotions also must be carefully selected. Choosing an appropriate lotion is not as easy as it seems – it`s not only the smell or the consistency.

The most important factors that determine the choice of our ideal cosmetic are the type of skin and the intensity of our tan. Defining our phototype should be the first thing you do when you are planning to tan in a solarium. Each phototype reacts differently to radiation and that is why should have an individually selected radiation dose to avoid burning the skin.

Another equally important issue is the advancement of our tan. Beginners should use tanning accelerators, which will stimulate melanogenesis (production and darkening of pigment in our skin). More advanced tans can be improved by using cosmetics with tingle effect.

We should also consider what are our expectations – whether you want beautiful golden tan after one session? Or do you have time and can you wait for that effect?

If you want an immediate effect you can use cosmetics with bronzers – this guarantees the effect after the first tanning session.

While choosing tanning lotion please follow the advice of salon staff.

What are the contraindications for tanning?

Although reasonable tanning is healthy, there are cases in which in general you should not use sunbeds. Here is a list of contraindications for tanning in sunbeds:

  • very fair skin (phototype I);
  • skin sensitivity to UV rays;
  • vitiligo skin;
  • extensive acne;
  • herpes;
  • numerous dilated and broken capillaries;
  • moles, skin discolorations and dye signs;
  • scars;
  • very young age;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • menstruation;
  • fever;
  • inflammation;
  • serious chronic diseases;
  • hypertension, heart and circulatory system diseases, kidney and thyroid diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • active treatments using retinol, fruit acids, glycol and bleaching agents;
  • detox and depilation treatments;
  • daily use of cosmetics containing retinol or hydroxy acids (AHA, BHA);
  • daily use of drugs belonging to the group that may photosensitize (if you are taking medications be sure to read the package leaflet or consult your doctor or pharmacist).

It is worth noting that drinking some herbal teas may cause an allergic reaction after tanning (eg. tea with St. John`s wort).

At what age can I start using sunbeds?

In comparison with the skin of adults, children`s skin contains more cells susceptible to UV rays. Young people should be extremely cautious in dealing with the sun or when using sunbeds.

Especially for those under 15 years old, if you have already decided to use sunbeds, you should use them very carefully and moderately, avoiding contact with UV rays too often.

What does „tingle effect” actually mean?

Cosmetics with „tingle effect” contains ingredients that cause tingling and stinging of the skin, as well as its local redness. The purpose of using these ingredients in tanning lotions is to improve local blood flow, as well as the acceleration of all the processes that take place in skin cells. This has the effect of giving a faster tan and breaking the natural skin barriers.

Lotions with „tingle effect” are especially recommended for hard to tan parts of body, for example legs. Remember that they should not be used by people who have a problem with dillated capillaries and people with sensitive skin, as they may cause an allergic reaction.

It is also worth noticing that some people after using lotion with „tingle effect” may feel discomfort, due to the strong local skin warming, that is already warmed up by the UV radiation.

Why should I use special after tan lotions?

After tan cosmetics should primarily regenerate the skin and increase the durability of the tan. During tanning, the skin is exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation doses, that can cause dryness and disturbance of the natural skin balance. After tan lotions help to restore this balance, respectively moisturize the skin, and thus make it look much better.

After tan cosmetics contain various additional components to highlight the tan and the extension of its durability. Also they leave skin more elastic, smooth and radiant.

It is worth noting that after tan lotions often contain a lot more nutrients, moisturizing, firming and regenerating ingredients than usual drugstore lotions, so they can also be used for daily skin care.

Tan accelerators and intensifiers– how do they work?

Tanning accelerators action is primarily on stimulating melanogenesis process – the formation of new pigment cells in our skin. The effects of using accelerators can be seen after few tanning sessions.

Intensifiers should always be used by people who have naturally got problems with tanning or want to get better results in less time. This type of cosmetic can break genetic bronze barrier for your skin type and help to achieve a deeper and long lasting tan.

Intensifiers are often enriched with components that accelerate the browning process of the pigment, which is already present in the skin.

It`s worth noting that using intensifiers during the first tanning session will not give visible results, however it is an investment in future results that will be visible after several consecutive tanning sessions.

Why do you use silicones in tanning cosmetics?

Silicones are a group of polymers based on organic silicon. They are commonly used in cosmetics for hair and skincare. Silicones form a protective layer on the skin, which prevents excessive water loss from the skin (as emollients), and also protects against the harmful effect of external factors.

Moreover, silicones added to cosmetic favorably influence the consistency of lotion and its distribution on the skin.

It`s also worth noting that the silicones are not factors which can cause allergic reaction, so they can be safely used by people with sensitive and prone to irritation skin.

Bronzers – how do they work?

Bronzers are cosmetics providing an immediate change of skin colour. Their formula is often based on natural ingredients which have the ability to discolour the skin. These products are particularly suitable for first time visitors in solarium and those who expect quick results – that is a deep golden brown tan. With the number of visits decreases the need to align skin colour with bronzer, because there is a real and much longer lasting tan.

Bronzers may be also used by people who tan in sunbeds but they are not satisfied with results they achieve, and they do not like the result colour of tan. Both colour of pigment and its amount is a genetic trait that we can not change. However, we can help nature and change a bit the achieved skin tone using a bronzer.

Summarizing – bronzers are designed mainly for those who can not wait to see the effect of tanning or for those who, despite the tanning, do not reach the expected results because of the problems with skin pigmentation.

Why should I use special tanning lotions while using sunbeds?

Many people think that when tanning on sunbeds the skin does not need to be protected. You can not be more wrong!!! Indeed conditions in the solarium are stable and controlled, but we still have to deal with the UV rays, that affects the health of our skin. If you need professional and comprehensive service you must know that cosmetics are an integral part of it.

Using of cosmetics for tanning are an essential part of the effective and healthy tanning. Properly selected cosmetics not only provides a faster and more natural effect, but also protects our skin from extreme conditions that prevail in the solarium. It is an investment in an attractive appearance and condition of your skin, the quality and durability of the tan.

The primary purpose of the product is to adequately moisturize and protect the skin from dehydration. It is necessary for short exposure times and increased UV radiation dose.

The use of professional tanning cosmetic gives you the possibility to shorten the exposure time even by 30%. Professional cosmetics contain active ingredients that provide more pigment production in our skin and thus maximize the tanning process.

Cosmetics protect the skin from irritation, redness, allow to maintain adequate hydration and elasticity of the skin. It should also be noted that professional cosmetics prevent skin from photoaging processes.

In the solarium you should use only dedicated professional cosmetics. It can not be cosmetic with UV filters, because we want to accelerate the tanning process, not to block the UV rays.

In addition, professional cosmetics contain a huge amount of nutrients, moisturizers and ingredients which support skin regeneration processes. You should also use special after tan cosmetics, because they not only extend the durability of the tan, but also deepen the color and ensure a healthy and radiant looking skin.

Why I can not use balms with spf when tanning in sunbed?

Tanning in the solarium in contrast to sunbathing is in a fully controlled environment. The use of “classical” cosmetics for sunbathing, with UV filters will reduce the degree of browning of the skin, which is the most desirable effect of indoor tanning. Usually it becomes a cause of prolongation of exposure to the UV rays, so the use of cosmetics with UV filters has no logical justification.

However creams with UV filters can be applied to skin lesions, scars and tattoos – the fragments of skin which need high protection against UV radiation.

Do I really need to use goggles?

While tanning in the solarium you should always wear protective goggles. The human eye is an organ very sensitive to light and is not sufficiently protected by nature against UV radiation.

When you look at the sun without glasses you are experiencing rapid eye shock. The solarium shock is not felt to such an extent. But you can not forget that UVA and UVB carry very large loads of energy, and that a barrier – outer layer of the eyeball, is not sufficient protection for the eyes.

Goggles suitable for indoor tanning are equipped with glass that filter out radiation and protect your eyes against it.

For how long will my tan keep up?

Tan holds approx. 2-4 weeks from the time of the last tanning session. Thanks to the natural renewal of skin it renews every approx. 28 days.

Enough to sustain the tan is usually 1-2 tanning sessions a week. In order to enhance the tan it is recommended to tan every 24-48 hours, depending on the effect you want to achieve, severity, and other factors.

If you have a problem, how often and for how long you can use sunbed consult salon staff.

Why skin does not tan evenly?

Uneven tanning of the skin is due to the fact that the number of melanocytes (pigment cells) in different parts of the body is different. There are definitely less on the inner surfaces of the arms and legs, and that is why these are sometimes hard to get a tan.

Also, in facial skin is less melanocytes. In addition, the skin is naturally thicker stratum corneum, which can also make it difficult to obtain a tan.

The part of the body adjacent to the lower acrylic plate will tan less because the contact results in less blood supply to these parts, and thus leads to hypoxia. This phenomenon can be avoided in tanning standing device, where our body has no contact with the acrylic plates, so it can tan evenly.

What are the properties of hemp seed oil?

Unrefined hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil). Smooth, non-greasy, with a spicy, nutty smell, it is easily absorbed into the skin and helps to maintain proper hydration and elasticity. In its composition it has as much as 75 percent unsaturated fatty acids, resulting in hemp oil is becoming one of the most sought after cosmetic oils. The composition of the lists belonging to essential fatty acids (EFA) linoleic acid (56%) and alpha-linolenic acid (19.4%) and vitamins A, D, E, phytosterols, phospholipids and minerals.

Hemp oil, due to its high content of EFA, exhibits outstanding nutritional, immunostimulatory, anti-allergic, anti-aging and regenerative properties. Positive influence on the structure and appearance of the skin, which becomes more flexible and give a nicer color, and any type of irritation and inflammation disease (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema) is mitigated.

This oil is easily absorbed through the skin, has good spreadability and lack of excessive greasiness after application. The high content of linoleic acid results in an increased permeability of the skin and has the ability to penetrate deep tissue, making it an excellent vehicle repair and anti-aging substances, such as plant extracts and essential oils.

What are the difference between cosmetics for beginners and advanced users?

Cosmetics for people just starting off or returning to tanning after a long break, in addition to its care properties, should prepare the skin for the next tanning session. These are mainly enhancers, tanning accelerators and bronzers – for those impatient and hungry for the effects after the first tanning session. These cosmetics are create to stimulate the production of pigment in the skin and speed up the browning of melanocytes, which are already present in the skin.

Accelerators also help overcome the natural barrier of the skin and deepen an already obtained colour, so it can be concluded that they are also suitable for intermediate users. Individuals in this stage may also use bronzers that will highlight and emphasize the already acquired tan.

Cosmetics bronzers are so universal that it can also be used by people with advanced tan. In this case, they serve to emphasize the tan and a possible change in the hue of color already

If you are already tanned and just want to deepen the tan or break the natural barrier of the skin you may also use cosmetics with the effect of tingle. These cosmetics cause local improvement in skin blood flow, which helps to speed up the tanning process, particularly in difficult to tan places.

Is it possible that tanning lotions sensitize?

As with all cosmetics on the market, also cosmetics designed for indoor tanning may contain ingredients that some people will trigger an allergic reaction. This applies mainly to natural ingredients such as extracts of certain fruits, oils etc.

In our lotions we use high quality ingredients from controlled cultivation. In our range we also have lotions designed specifically for sensitive skin that requires special treatment. In these cosmetics we minimized the possibility of an allergic reaction, but we can never be 100% sure that a reaction will not occur.

If you have concerns that cosmetic can cause an allergic reaction – make an allergic attempt. Apply cosmetics on a small area of skin and wait 24 hours. If the reaction does not occur, you can use it safely.

Is it possible that tattoo will fade if i use tanning beds?

Tattoos fade with the passage of time – it is a natural process and does not need to be linked
to sun exposure. However, some ink colors (especially red and green) may cause an allergic reaction under the influence of UV rays.

To avoid this you need to coat tattoo with cream containing the SPF filter or shield him while tanning. Absolutely do not tan if the tattoo is not completely healed! Most tattoo artists recommend not to tan within 1-3 months of tattooing (depending on the place of performance and the size of the pattern).