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    Creating a Coloured series we focused on meeting our customers` expectations.

    The line includes various types of tanning lotions, among which everybody will find something that fits them best. Two of our products – Bloom of Youth and Tantric – are typical tanning intensifiers, while others are different bronzers – i.e. white Paradiso, natural Aloha, perfect mixed of delayed and immediate in Posh! or Jet Black.

    Lotions from Coloured series contains high quality ingredients like silicon complex, exotic fruits extracts or saffron oleosomes, which are often used in far more expensive products.

    Several bronzing shades allow beginners, as well as experienced tanning lovers, to find and use the best product for them.

    Coloured series means fantastic fragrances, immediate results and great quality for a BEST PRICE.

Coloured cosmetics: