Beauty of the World

excellent skin care and tanning lotion

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  • Tanning and skin care protection are inseparable. This is the inspiration behind the 7suns Beauty of the World cosmetic collection.

    Focusing on skin care we enriched our lotions with high-quality exotic regenerating and nourishing ingredients. Beauty of the World balms can be seen as a protective products which prevents the changes occuring in the skin.

    We have not forgotten about issues that are important for tanning lovers, like the possibility of obtaining a deep, natural tan in a short time. All our balms are enriched in unique Beauty Elite Bronzers complex, which in combination with accelerating tanning BioTan formula, provides a beautiful and natural look in a very short time.

    I think we don`t need to mention that, like our other products, Beauty of the World balms are beautifully fragrant, easily applied on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving streaks or spots.

    7suns Beauty of the World cosmetics are ideal, as a result of holistic approach to tanning and skin care.

Beauty of the World cosmetics: